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Camera Ready Artwork (spot color or four-color process) may be sent by mail. Digital artwork may be submitted via e-mail, an upload to our website, or a disk sent by mail (CD or DVD). NEVER SEND ORIGINAL FILES OR ORIGINAL FILM TO THE FACTORY – ONLY SEND COPIES!


Camera Ready Art is clean, black and white, color separated art supplied on photographic paper, printed on glossy paper or high quality laser prints. All camera ready art must be printed as continuous tone or at a resolution of at least 600 DPI. Laser prints and copies of 1200 DPI resolution are also acceptable. To avoid delays and art charges when printed art is supplied, please be sure that the art is CLEAN and CAMERA READY.


Camera Ready Art for full color printing is a full color print which may be one of the following.

  • A continuous tone Full Color photograph.
  • A continuous tone Full Color slide, film negative or film positive.
  • A Full Color printed picture such as a postcard, poster, flyer, brochure, etc. If a printed picture is submitted, it must be printed at 175 (or greater) lines per inch and it must be at least 50% larger than the size of the image to be printed.


Artwork can be accepted from the following programs, (preferred programs are listed in bold type):


  • Illustrator – saved as Illustrator EPS or AI files.
  • Freehand – saved as editable EPS or FH files.
  • CorelDraw – saved as editable EPS or CDR files.


  • QuarkXPress – page saved as EPS.
  • Pagemaker – page saved as EPS.
  • Acrobat – saved as a PDF. File must contain: vector art, high resolution (300 dpi or higher) images and postscript fonts.


Any photoshop file type (eps, tiff, psd, jpeg, etc.) at 300 dpi resolution (or higher) at 100% of the imprint size (or larger).


  • MS Power Point
  • MS Word
  • MS Publisher


Convert text to paths, curves or outlines (vector art). If this is not possible, or if changes might have to be made by the factory, send in both screen and printer files for Type 1 fonts used (postscript fonts) or the ttf files for true type fonts. Be sure to list the names of all fonts used.


If you mail disks to the factory CD’s or DVD’s, NEVER send original files – ALWAYS SEND A COPY! Please include the following information with the disk:

  • A printout or proof of the artwork that is on the disk.
  • “Something to match”, for color matching, if available.
  • Your PO #, Company Name, Your Name, the name of the Program Used to Create the Art.
  • It is also helpful to include a list of the files on the disk and the PMS numbers of spot colors used.


Spot colors can be specified as Pantone PMS colors, as factory standard colors or by sending “swatches” or “proof prints” for matching. Submitting previously printed items (such as “proof prints”, ad items, letterhead, brochures, product labels, etc.), with the camera ready artwork or digital files helps the factory produce more accurately printed products.


Four-color process printing (full color) is used to reproduce graphics with photo images. When digital four-color process artwork is submitted, it is important that “something to match” is also submitted because pressmen need “something to match” when printing full color images (four-color process). “Something to match” may be one of the following (from best to worst).

  • A previously printed piece.
  • A chromalin, match print or other “contact proof”.
  • Color key, Naps, or other overlay proofs.
  • Digital ink-jet proofs.
  • Digital printing press prints.
  • Color laser printer print or Inkjet on photo paper print.

The closest “final product” match can be made from a digital file when either items 1 or 2 above are provided. If items 3, 4 or 5 above are provided, the match will be close but not exact. Final product matches can vary the most from the original if only item 6 is provided (laser printer or inkjet printer prints). This is due to the wide range of colors that can be produced from the same art by different printers.

If “something to match” is not provided, the factory will produce two “Digital Printing Press” proofs at no charge. One will be sent for verification and the other copy will be used by the factory as “something to match”. Factory will proceed with production using the copy. It is the customer’s responsibility to contact customer service immediately after receiving the proof if any discrepancy exists. Factory is not liable for final imprint of products if no proof was requested. The final product may vary slightly from the digital printing press proof, but it will be close. When printed on a four color printing press, actual prints may vary from “Digital Printing Press” proofs in the following ways. Very light colors may be slightly darker, very faint detail may be greater and some colors like light green and light blue may be richer.


Digitally created four-color process images should be created in, or converted to, the CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) format. Some programs, such as Photoshop, default to RGB (red, green, blue) format and must be converted to CMYK before they are used for printing. This conversion may result in noticeable changes in color.

  • When four-color process artwork is created by scanning artwork, the following guidelines should be followed:
  • Scan the original continuous tone image on a high-end flat bed or drum scanner.
  • The scan must be CMYK at 300 DPI resolution (or higher) at actual print size (or larger).
  • Some scanners only scan in RGB mode. Although these scans may look good on the computer monitor, the color may look different when converted to CMYK for printing on a four-color press.
  • Images scanned at a resolution lower than 300 DPI or at a size smaller than final print size should not be increased in a program. Doing so merely spreads the original information without adding any color depth or detail and does not improve image quality.


  • IN ADDITION TO SENDING ARTWORK via email or the web upload, please fax or mail a purchase order to the factory.
  • The quality of the imprint depends upon the quality of artwork supplied!
  • OUR DELIVERY SCHEDULE depends on the QUALITY OF THE ARTWORK SUBMITTED. Production delay may occur if “something to match” for full color or camera ready artwork is not supplied.
  • NEVER send original film or files – ONLY SEND COPIES!
  • For spot colors, vector art, such as Illustrator, Freehand or Corel Draw are the best. They provide the best quality and allow images to be resized without loss of sharpness and detail.


Upload Artwork on our website: